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Yang Lihua and Xiang Biao Engaged as Kaifeng Scholars

By the end of June 2018, Xiang Biao, Professor of Anthropology at Oxford University, and Yang Lihua, Professor of Philosophy at Peking University, have been awarded Kaifeng Scholar. During his term as Kaifeng Scholar, Professor Xiang plans to finish a book on labor export from Northeast China based on his field investigation since 2004. Meanwhile, he will publish a series of articles and attend interviews with public media on central topics of the book, i.e. "understanding benefit relationship and power relationship in everyday life" and "changing our perception of life", in an effort to arouse public discussion. Professor Yang from the Department of Philosophy of Peking University will work on "contemporary exploration of Chinese philosophy" and "critical interpretation of the history of Chinese philosophy" when assuming Kaifeng Scholar. Professor Yang also plans to complete two books: “Fifteen Lectures on Chinese Philosophy”and “Road to Truth: the Essence of Zhuangzi Philosophy”.

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